The Committee for Charlotte 2012 Re-launches Website, Including Vendor Directory for Business Participation in Convention

CHARLOTTE - Today the Committee for Charlotte 2012 held a press briefing with Mayor Anthony Foxx, DNCC CEO Steve Kerrigan, Host Committee CEO Dan Murrey and Host Committee Director of Business Relations, Robyn Hamilton to discuss the new Vendor Directory. The Host Committee’s revamped website includes many new features for Charlotteans and visitors to Charlotte alike; locals can learn about ways to volunteer at the convention and in the community, while Convention delegates and members of the media can learn more about the city.

Perhaps of most interest to regional business owners is the new Vendor Directory tool, which will help national organizations connect with local and regional businesses in order to meet their convention-related needs. The Vendor Directory is required by the Democratic National Convention Committee and aims to ensure that all businesses in Charlotte and in the region have a chance to participate in the many opportunities coming to Charlotte during this historic convention.

“I have no doubt that local businesses are primed to make the Convention a success,” said Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx. “The vendor directory connects them to opportunities and new business relationships that may extend beyond the Convention.”

The creation of the directory was a requirement under the Master Contract, signed in April of this year. Mayor Foxx, the City of Charlotte and the DNCC each support the success of the Vendor Directory with a shared goal of creating the most open and inclusive environment that maximizes opportunities for local businesses.

“The Democratic National Convention Committee is committed to ensuring that this is the most open and accessible convention in history,” added DNCC CEO Steve Kerrigan. “As a lasting investment for the city, we’re proud to have worked with the host committee to develop a vendor directory that will catalogue local businesses and link visiting groups with goods and services in the area during convention week and beyond. The vendor directory is a tool that will strengthen inclusiveness and opportunity in the city and region.”

Murrey and Hamilton, charged with building the directory, emphasized that this tool will be interactive, and explained that it was designed to serve various groups that will travel to Charlotte to host events and other activities during the convention. These groups will be able to quickly search through various filters in the directory, such as goods, services, location, and categories of business owners. Additionally, this tool will assist in the procurement process for many of the services secured by the Democratic National Convention Committee and the Host Committee.

Committee for Charlotte 2012 CEO Dr. Dan Murrey said “One of the Host Committee’s most important responsibilities is to prepare Charlotteans to welcome nearly 35,000 people to our city. One key piece of this will be to educate Charlotte businesses on how they might have a chance to participate in the hundreds of opportunities coming to Charlotte next fall.”

“Since I joined this team, the success of the Vendor Directory has been my highest priority,” said Robyn Hamilton. “We reached out into the community, met with subject matter experts, and attended meetings and listening sessions to make sure we got this right. And we will continue to reach out so that business owners know about the Vendor Directory and use it to their advantage.”

Murrey and Hamilton urged local businesses to think outside the box when imagining what types of goods and services might be needed. “We estimate that more than 1,000 events will be held in Charlotte outside of official DNC activity, and the opportunities for Charlotte businesses will run the gamut. We will encourage all groups and organizations coming to town to use this directory to find the goods and services that they need,” said Dr. Murrey.

Those interested in registering should be prepared to provide a variety of information such as the name of their business, Federal Tax ID number, questions regarding the size, nature, and capabilities of the business, among many others. The Vendor Directory can be found on the Host Committee’s website,

If you are a member of the press and would like speak with a member of the Committee for Charlotte 2012 about the new website or the Vendor Directory, please contact Suzi Emmerling at or 980-228-6327 .

Suzi Emmerling, 980-228-6327

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