Committee for Charlotte in 2012 Announces Convention Host Committee and Steering Committee Members

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Contact: Suzi Emmerling, Press Secretary

RELEASE: Committee for Charlotte in 2012 Announces Convention Host Committee and Steering Committee Members

Committee for Charlotte Will Host A Press Availability Today, September 27, 11:30 a.m., Details Below.

Charlotte, NC - Today marks the announcement of the members of the Committee for Charlotte in 2012’s Host Committee and Steering Committee. Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx and Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers will serve as co-chairs of the Host Committee, with Governor Beverly Perdue and Senator Kay Hagan serving as Honorary Co-Chairs of the Host Committee. Mayor Harvey Gantt will serve as Chair of the Steering Committee and Governor Jim Hunt and Mr. Hugh McColl will be the Honorary Co-Chairs of the Steering Committee. A full list of members and chairs is below.

“We are fortunate to have a diverse array of talented and dedicated people who are committed to the success of Charlotte, the Carolinas, the greater southeast region and the Convention,” said Foxx. “This bipartisan group of leaders, some from within and some outside of Charlotte, will ensure that the convention planning process connects to the Carolinas and beyond. I look forward to working with all of them to put forward the best convention ever." Host Committee members will keep informed of progress on the convention and upcoming events, and they will communicate to the constituents and interest groups they represent about convention planning activities and opportunities to participate. The Committee for Charlotte will look to committee members to provide information about ways to engage the broadest cross-section of the public in the convention efforts.

The Steering Committee will serve in an advisory role to the staff and leadership of the Committee for Charlotte. Their collective voice will ensure that Charlotte’s story is told authentically to the broadest possible audience.

"The Steering Committee represents a diverse group of people that will bring the hopes and concerns of their constituencies to our discussions," said former Mayor Harvey Gantt. "Their insights will be invaluable in serving the convention and this region."

The members of the Host and Steering committees have committed to attending regularly scheduled meetings. Some individuals within the group may be called upon for help with special projects based on their individual area of expertise. They serve in a volunteer capacity and will not receive payment or benefits.

“We are incredibly grateful for the time and energy these people are committing to the success of this convention,” said Dan Murrey. “Their work is a public service to the Charlotte community and the Carolinas.”

Host Committee Members

Governor Beverly Perdue, Honorary Co-Chair
Senator Kay Hagan, Honorary Co-Chair

Mayor Anthony Foxx, Co-Chair
Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers, Co-Chair

The Honorable Kelly Alexander
The Honorable Martha Alexander
Ms. Barbara Allen
The Honorable John Arrowood
The Honorable June Atkinson
The Honorable Michael Barnes
Mr. Tim Belk
Mr. Erskine Bowles
The Honorable G.K. Butterfield
Ms. Concetta Caliendo
The Honorable Patrick Cannon
The Honorable Becky Carney
The Honorable Nancy Carter
The Honorable Dumont Clarke
The Honorable Eva Clayton
The Honorable Dan Clodfelter
The Honorable James Clyburn
The Honorable Harold Cogdell
The Honorable Warren Cooksey
The Honorable Roy Cooper
Ms. Pat Cotham
The Honorable Tricia Cotham
The Honorable Jeanette Council
The Honorable Janet Cowell
Mr. John Crumpler
The Honorable Walter Dalton
The Honorable Charlie Dannelly
Mr. Donald Davis
Ms. Aisha Dew
The Honorable Andy Dulin
The Honorable George Dunlap
The Honorable Beverly Earle
Ms. Olma Echeverri
The Honorable Doug Echols
Ambassador Mark Erwin
The Honorable Bob Etheridge
Mr. Ken Eudy
Mr. Scott Falmlen
Ms. Carol Fowler
Mr. Dale Frederiksen
The Honorable Henry Frye
The Honorable Phillip Gilfus
The Honorable Wayne Goodwin
The Honorable Jeffrey Graham
The Honorable Malcolm Graham
The Honorable Parks Helms
Ms. Eliza Hernandez
The Honorable David Howard
The Honorable Yvonne Johnson
The Honorable Allen Joines
Mr. Larry Kernea
The Honorable Patsy Kinsey
The Honorable Larry Kissell
The Honorable Vilma Leake
Mr. Steve Lerner
Ms. Georgia Jacquez Lewis
The Honorable Elaine Marshall
Ms. Betty Ray McCain
The Honorable Mike McIntyre
The Honorable John McNeill
The Honorable Charles Meeker
The Honorable Brad Miller
The Honorable James Mitchell
The Honorable Rodney Moore
The Honorable Cornelia Olive
The Honorable Scott Padgett
Mr. Robert Page
Mr. David Parker
The Honorable Cyndee Patterson
The Honorable Edwin Peacock
The Honorable David Price
The Honorable Betty Chafin Rash
The Honorable Heath Shuler
The Honorable John Spratt
The Honorable Brad Thompson
Mr. Ed Turlington
Mr. John Verdejo
Mr. Everett Ward
Ms. Joan Washington
The Honorable Mel Watt
Ms. Gwen Wilkins
The Honorable Beth Wood
Major General Cornell Wilson, Jr. (Ret.)

Steering Committee Members

Governor Jim Hunt, Honorary Co-Chair
Mr. Hugh McColl, Honorary Co-Chair

Former Mayor Harvey Gantt, Chair
Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx, ex officio Chair

Mr. James Andrews
Ms. Dianne Bailey
Mr. Shannon Binns
Ms. Crandall Bowles
The Honorable Dr. Jason Burgess
Mr. Brett Carter
Ms. Gabi Culpepper
Ms. Marni Eisner
Mr. Frank Emory
Mr. Mitchell Gold
Mr. Cameron Harris
Ms. Landra Johnson
Dr. Clifford Jones
Mr. Michael Jones
Ms. Cynthia Marshall
Dr. Michael Marsicano
The Honorable David Grier Martin
Ms. Angeles Ortega-Moore
Mr. Will Miller
Mr. Andrew Plepler
Ms. Karen Popp
The Honorable Dr. Wilhelmenia Rembert
The Honorable Jennifer Watson Roberts
Mr. Jim Rogers
Rabbi Judy Schindler
Mr. Stoney Sellars
Mr. Robert Stolz
Ms. Marion Sullivan
The Honorable Mike Todd
The Honorable Richard Vinroot


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