Use of the DNCC Logo

Use of the DNCC Logo


The DNCC logo is considered a valuable proprietary asset of the Democratic National Convention Committee. Use of the DNCC Logo outside the scope of this contest is strictly prohibited.

The DNCC logo should be used as one complete unit with all elements intact and unaltered. Only two versions of the logo are permitted:

  • Full color with text
  • Full color without text

No other colors or variations of the logo are available, or permitted.

Any reproduction of any of these versions of the official logo must be true to the original in terms of relative size, shape, placement and completeness of the letters and symbols. Do not modify, compress, extend, slant, expand, lengthen, shorten, distort, or alter the existing relationship of these combined elements. When you are resizing the logo for a specific use, please lock the aspect ratio so that the logo is not distorted.

Formats, Color, Texture, and Background

The logo is available in the following formats: EPS, Adobe Illustrator (AI) TIFF, GIF, PNG, and JPEG.

All documents that contain the logo should be formatted using the font “Gotham.”

  • The typeface and graphics may not be altered or replaced.
  • Do not compress, extend, slant, expand, lengthen, shorten, distort, or alter the existing relationship of the various elements of the logo (text and image). This means that you must lock the aspect ratio when re-sizing the image.

Prohibited Use

Examples of prohibited uses of the DNCC logo include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Any usage that implies endorsement, sponsorship, affiliation, approval by the DNCC;
  • Commercial uses (e.g., placement of the logo on products, product packaging or labels, advertising for products or services not sourced by DNCC or its affiliates, etc.);
  • An individual’s use for purposes other than official DNCC business purposes;
  • Combination of the DNCC logo with another logo or other non-approved graphics or text

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